Easiest Way To Wax A Car: 7-Step Guide

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Many people value their car’s appearance more than anything. The glossy, shiny panel and gleaming look of the car means a lot to them. If you’re one of them, this article is a must-read for you. Waxing your car can be the best solution for you to protect your car’s shine. In this article, you’ll walk through the easiest way to wax a car. So, without further ado, let’s move forward. 

What is car wax? 

Wax is a stiff hydrocarbons group that usually comes from natural substances and doesn’t take part in chemical reactions. Waxing a car means applying a thin layer of wax to the painting. The main purpose of car wax is to protect it from outdoor dirt and grime and preserve the shine for a long time. 

Easiest Way To Wax a Car : 7 – Steps Guide

Waxing lets you avoid the hassle of frequent washing and polishing as it protects the car’s paint. And, luckily, you don’t need to hire a professional to wax your car. You can do it on your own. Though you may find it a bit messy, it is worth spending a weekend’s afternoon waxing your car. 

So, now you might be thinking about how to wax a car. Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Here, we present you with the easiest way to wax a car. 

Preparation for Waxing

Before waxing your car, you should get prepared with the necessary tools and materials. Getting equipped with the right things is essential for the best result. Thinking about how to do this? Just follow the guidelines. 

Stuff You’ll Need

  • A cool and dry place, preferably under a shade.
  • Supply water and a hose. 
  • Soap or car shampoo.
  • Two pieces of soft sponge. 
  • A premium quality car wax. 
  • One or two wax applicator pads.
  • Two or three microfiber towels.
  • A pair of hand gloves. 
  • Soft brush.
  • Paint remover. 

These are the things you should arrange before starting your detailing work. After arranging these, you’re now all set to wax your car. 

Easiest Way To Wax a Car: The 7 Steps

Waxing your car isn’t a tough job. You’re going to do this in no time with our easiest way to wax a car. Follow this step-by-step process to wax your car perfectly. 

Step 1: Wash your car thoroughly

You don’t like to put your hands on a dirty surface. So, how can you do this when your car is dirty and covered with dust and grime? Yes, that’s why your car needs a thorough wash before you apply the wax to it. Without cleaning the car well, you can’t expect a good result. 

To wash the car, at first, give it a bath of water using the hose. Try to remove as much dirt as you can with the water stream. Then, apply the soap or car shampoo to rinse off the bug splatters, tar, hard spots, etc. Soak a piece of sponge in soap water and scrub the car sufficiently to remove all the contaminants and dirt. 

While scrubbing,  start from the top and gradually go down. Give extra attention to door nobs, handles, side panels, cracks, and crevices where dirt can hide. Scrub the wheels and tires at the end as they contain the toughest dirt. Finally, wash the whole car and make sure there is no soapy residue remaining.  

Once you finish washing the car, dry the surfaces thoroughly. Use a towel or chamois to dry the vehicle. Focus on those spots where excess water gets stored, especially the lower edges of the windshields, door joints, etc. 

Step 2: Polish the paint

Most of the dirt and contaminants go off after washing your car. But still, some fine debris and defects will remain on the surfaces. These can be a layer of wax, paint defects, grease, etc.  These make the surface rough, and you need to remove them to achieve a smooth surface, which is essential for a perfect wax. So, you should polish the paint before applying wax. Polishes are slightly abrasive, and this abrasion removes the tough dirt remaining after washing your car. 

To do this, take a paint remover and apply it to a towel. After that, start scrubbing gently from a corner and cover the whole car surface. Be careful to avoid any rubber or plastic component while applying paint remover. It is vital to preserve the actual color and prevent discoloration of those components. Now, with polishing the paint, your car is prepared to get shined up. 

Step 3: Read the instructions well

Different types of wax are available on the market. Usually, the three common types of wax are liquid wax, spray wax, and paste wax. Different varieties have different application methods. You must go through the instructions that come in a user manual with the automotive wax package. You’ll find the easiest way to wax a car in the instructions. The companies make such instructions so that even a beginner can understand.   

Try to stick to the recommended way when you’re a beginner in this field. However, you can customize the method according to your needs when you become an expert in car detailing. 

Step 4: Apply wax to the applicator pad

Experts suggest not to apply car detailing products directly onto the car surface, instead apply them to an applicator first. You should follow the same rule while waxing your car. Whether you’re using a liquid or a paste wax, don’t apply or spray the wax directly. Shake the bottle first, and then take a small amount of wax in a soft wax applicator pad. It’s essential to apply the wax in a small amount every time. Otherwise, the waxing pad will be saturated with excess wax and challenging to apply it properly. 

Step 5: Start waxing at any area on the painted panel

You should apply the wax systematically. It won’t be wise to apply the wax here and there without a plan. So, split the whole car surface into several sections and start at any of these sections. It’s the best car waxing practice as this technique allows you to remember where you’re applying the wax. Thus, you can cover the whole painted surface and prevent the wax from getting too hard. Though hardened wax doesn’t damage the original paint, it becomes harder to remove the wax. 

The best idea is to start with a section, complete it, and then move forward to the next. We recommend starting from any of the front fender panels above the front wheels. Then move on to the front panel and the hood. After that, continue to the backside of the car and wax gradually the whole surface of your vehicle. 

Step 6: Apply the wax using a circular motion

Now, let’s come to the most crucial point; how to apply car wax. Apply the wax in a small circular motion instead of a zigzag motion. You’re going to leave a thin film of wax coating on the paint. So, make horizontal or vertical rows of small circles to cover the entire surface. You don’t need to use too much wax on a section as it will make it difficult to remove the wax. 

Now you might be thinking about how thin the wax film should be. The perfect thinness of the wax film is as such you can see the paint through the wax. So keep moving the applicator pad until your desired thinness is achieved. You’ll notice the wax is drying and leaving a matte chalky coating within a couple of minutes. The wax coating is now ready to remove after it is completely dried off. 

Step 7: Remove the wax coating

Now the final step is removing the wax from your car. Use a microfiber towel to do this. You may find it tough to move the towel on the matte wax coating. However, apply slight pressure and move the towel in a circular motion to break off the layer and remove it. Change the towel when you feel it should be, as the wax will build up in the towel. So you might need two or more microfiber towels to remove the wax from the entire surface. 

By removing the wax coating, you have finished waxing the car, and there you have it, a glossy, shiny gleaming appearance. 

Easiest Way To Wax a Car 7 – Steps Guide

Benefits of waxing your car surface

Waxing offers a range of benefits to car owners. The most prominent benefits of waxing car are as follows: 

  • Waxing protects the car’s original paint and prevents it from fading away. 
  • Regular waxing keeps your car in a new condition, keeping it shiny and glossy for a long time regardless of its age. 
  • Waxing helps you reduce the cost of frequent car polishing. 

Things to consider while waxing your car

The success of waxing depends on multiple factors. You must consider these while waxing your car to achieve the best result. 

  • Don’t wax your car under direct sunlight or at a freezing temperature. 
  • Always wax your car in a shade because it needs a cool temperature to get the most of a car wax. 
  • Make sure your car is clean and clear of any contaminants before putting wax on it. 

How to wax your car

Concluding remarks

Now it’s time to wrap up the article here. After going through this article, you’re now well-informed about the easiest way to wax a car. We hope you find this guide helpful and make your first waxing project the next weekend.