How to Clean Motorcycle Helmet Visor

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Having a clean visor is as important as having a good helmet. Helmets are meant to protect your head in case of an accident. A clean motorcycle helmet visor is essential for visibility which reduces the risk accidents. Moreover, most of the visors come with an anti-UV coating that protects your face from the harmful UV rays. 

A lot of dirt, dust, and bugs rest on the helmet visor while riding on the road, and it becomes dirty over time. A dirty helmet visor loses its clarity and becomes foggy when you exhale. It reduces visibility and causes a disturbance during rides. So, you need to clean the helmet visor often before it gets too dirty. 

However, cleaning a helmet visor requires special attention. Because good helmet visors have a coating to prevent UV rays and fogging, which is very sensitive and it may be damaged if you don’t follow the proper cleaning method. Furthermore, there’s a possibility of causing streaks on the visor. So, you need the right way of cleaning your helmet visor. In this article, you’ll gain an in-depth understanding of how to clean a helmet visor. Now let’s move forward. 

When to wash your helmet visor


There’s no hard and fast rule about when to wash your helmet visor. You should wash it whenever you feel it’s needed. Generally, the visor gets dirty faster than the whole helmet. So it would be better to wash the visor regularly even between the complete washings of your helmet. 

However, you may find it tough to notice the dirt on the visor as it is close to your eyes. So you hold the helmet in your hands and look at the visor from a distance. If you see the visor cloudy and dirt spots on it, then it’s the right time to clean the visor. 

How to wash a motorcycle helmet visor

When it comes to washing your helmet visor, there are plenty of motorcycle visor cleaners and polishes in the market which you can use to clean the visor. But, from our experience, we found cleaners causing more harm to the visor than the benefits they offer. Because modern helmets come with anti-UV and anti-fogging coatings on the visor, and cleaners damage these coatings. So, most of the motorbike experts don’t prefer cleaners to clean the visor. Rather, they prefer to rely on warm water and the simple baby soap. 

Cleaning materials

You’ll need these simple materials to clean your helmet visor

  • Warm water (Mild temperature)
  • A small basin
  • Three or more microfibre cloths
  • Liquid baby soap. 

After arranging the materials, you’re ready to wash your helmet visor. Washing the helmet visor is an easy task if you follow the simple three steps. 

Step 1: Soaking up the dirt particles

Dirt particles are abrasive. So you can’t rub the visor as it might cause streaking on the surface. That’s why the first begins with softening the dirt particles with water. Take a microfiber cloth and dip it into the warm water you’ve taken. Then wring it to remove excess water and drape the cloth on the visor. No need to rub the visor in this step. Now leave it for 5 to 10 minutes. The dirt particles will soak water from the cloth and eventually soften. 

This will reduce the abrasion of the dirt particles and allow you to rub the visor without streaking or damaging the surface. 

Step 2: Washing the visor

After soaking the dirt particle with water, the visor is now ready to get a thorough wash. Pour the warm water into the small basin and add a few drops of liquid baby soap. Add as much as it requires to create foam. Here, we suggest liquid baby soaps because these soaps are specially prepared for sensitive baby skins. So, these are perfect to use without damaging the motorcycle helmet visor tint. 

Once the cleaning solution is ready, dip the helmet visor into it. Now take another clean microfiber cloth and dip it into the soapy water. Then gently rub the cloth on the visor to dissolve and remove the dirt and bugs from the visor surface. Rub the visor with minimal pressure and don’t press it too hard as it might damage the visor. Take your time to wash the visor thoroughly until the dirt and spots get vanished. 

Step 3: Drying the visor

Once you’re done with washing the visor, take it out of the soapy water and wash it again in running tap water. This is to get rid of the slippery feeling of the soapy water. After that, take another clean microfiber towel and dry the visor with that. You need to dry the visor with a towel because there would be causing water streaks if the water gets dried up on its own. However, you don’t need to dry the visor completely with the towel as you’ll leave it for a while to get air-dried. 

After soaking the excess water with the towel, put the visor in a cool place away from direct sunlight. If you don’t want to wait for the air drying, you can use a simple hairdryer to dry the visor quickly. After drying the visor, now you have the cleaner and clearer visor you wanted always. 

How to maintain a clear motorcycle helmet visor


Washing your helmet visor is great to clean it. But washing the visor frequently may not be possible as you have many other duties. So, the best solution is maintaining the cleanliness of your visor to prevent dirt and gunk buildups on it and avoid frequent washing to save your time. Here are two simple tips for you to maintain the cleanliness and clarity of your helmet visor after a thorough wash: 

Wipe off your visor after every ride

You must have listened to a proverb, “prevention is better than cure.” Yeah, that’s also true for your helmet visor. Why wait until the visor is dirty and clean it? You could prevent the visor from getting dirty which would save your time and effort. The best way to prevent dirt buildups on your helmet visor is to wipe it off after every ride. However, you shouldn’t use any dry material to wipe the visor as there is a risk of streaking on the surface. 

So, you might be wondering about how to wipe the visor. No worries. You can use a simple eyeglass cleaning tissue to wipe off your visor. This is a perfect product to clean motorcycle helmet visors quickly. Keep some eyeglass cleaning tissue with you and wipe off the visor after every ride. It would help you maintain the cleanliness and clarity for a longer period until the next wash. 

Keep a spray bottle and microfiber cloth with you for cleaning on longer rides.

Helmet visors get dirty on longer rides, especially if you ride in off-roads. The dirt and gunk could build up and create spots on the visor if you leave it without cleaning. So, you need a quick touch up on the visor to clean it in a short time. That’s why you can keep a small spray bottle full of soapy water and a microfiber cloth with you. It won’t take too much space to carry it on your bike. 

Now, whenever you feel the visor dirty during your ride, just take five minutes to clean it up. Spray the soapy water on the visor and gently rub it with the microfiber cloth. It will help you maintain a clear helmet visor for a long time. 

The Basic Do’s and Don’ts of Helmet Care

Now that you’ve learned about how to clean your motorcycle helmet visor, you should learn something more about helmet care. There are some do’s and don’t in helmet care. You should follow these to keep your helmet in a tiptop condition for a long time. 


  • Always use mild soaps (Liquid baby soap) to clean the visor and the liner. 
  • Drape the surface with a wet cloth to soften the dirt buildups and dead bugs before approaching a thorough wash. 
  • Use soft and lint-free microfiber towels to clean the visor and other parts of your helmet. 
  • Always rub the visor gently without excessive pressure. 
  • Use cotton buds to clean the joints and vents while washing your helmet. 
  • Use an automotive wax to prevent water spots, guts, and grime on your helmet surface. 


  • Never rub the dirty visor with a dry cloth until you’ve washed it.
  • Don’t rub the visor or the shell hard to remove stubborn dirt buildups and bug guts. 
  • Don’t use an ammonia-based cleaner to wash your helmet visor. 
  • Don’t use harsh soap (washing soap or dish soap) to clean the visor and the liner. 
  • Don’t wash the helmet under direct sunlight. 

Closing Note

Now let’s conclude the write-up. Here, we’ve tried to familiarize you with the best practices to clean a motorcycle helmet visor and maintain its cleanliness for a long time. These are the proven ways followed by riders and bike enthusiasts across the globe. So, you can follow these methods and enjoy your rides with a clear view through the visor. 

How To Clean and Maintain Your Motorcycle Helmet Visor